About us

Migliorino Design Couture is a young brand, specialising in the production of advanced and high-tech decorative coatings, optime for all kind of surfaces whether they are floors, ceilings and walls of indoor spaces such as bathrooms, showers, kitchens or living rooms or outdoor spaces like facades and swimming-pools. Among our products you will definitely find a solution that will allow you to personalise and characterise your projects.

Migliorino Design was born out of an idea of Gianluca Migliorino, artist and designer that wanted to unite his passion for art with the world of design. His vision and dream found support in the entrepreneurial spirit of close friends, who have joined the idea and have contributed into realising the great ambitions and potential of the company.

Always with a vigil eye on the last tendencies of design and cutting-edge technologies of the industry, today Migliorino Design Couture offers its clients innovative solutions for aesthetic decoration, that in addition to enabling to realise personal and unique environments, also allows to shorten construction time and its costs.

What we do

Thanks to the constant commitment of an experienced team of creatives, a dynamic business network and an agile production lice, the company guarantees a wide offer as well as supports and assists professionals during the design phase to ultimately create tailor-made products, with an authentic and artisanal feeling to them.

In its experience, Migliorino Design Couture has expanded its offer of Wallcovers with collections inspired by the world of nature, the world of colours and textures with shades and geometrical patterns that have been specifically created for each individual project.

Coatings of great visual and technical impact, together with the latest technologies in high-definition printing become products with a truly unique style, high-performance and with infinite usage possibilities.


The graphics and designer’s team works daily developing design proposals and helping the customers in their decisions, while technicians are always ready to help in consulting for the best application of the products possible and the productions specialists have the duty to supply each customer with the highest quality standard. Every product of the MIGLIORINO® brand, in all of its phases from research to design to implementation is 100 % MADE IN ITALY.

All covering surfaces are “Smart Surface”; as they reduce the environmental impact and reduce installation costs. They can be used on existing surfaces without the need to dispose and waste the already used material, they can backlighted, modular or complete customisable. Our products are light, thin, flexible, resistant and easy to use.

Our creative and technical staff creates complex interior design projects. Contact us for advice.


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