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Our wallcovers

All surfaces are Smart Surface: they promote waste reduction and reduce installation costs. They can be used on existing surfaces, without the need to eliminate the material already used, they can be backlit, modular or completely customizable. Our products are thin, light and flexible, durable and easy to apply.


Washable wallpaper, in 15 different finishes comprising of special metal-like effects and 2 supports of choice. Produced in special rolls and up to application measure so not to produce waste. High-Definition prints made with eco-friendly inks on PVC coated supports with fireproof treatment class B-S2, d0.


Polymeric rolls for all kinds of applications, with ZERO mm thickness, auto-adhesive or to glue, perfect for indoor and outdoor walls and floors. Resistant to stamping, UV rays, abrasions and much more they are the perfect alternative to potting systems on construction sites.


Mosaics and tiles in resin of 2mm thickness, flight and flexible, easy to cut and shape, they are great for both indoor and outdoor usages, in both dry and humid environments. Given their characteristics, the tile can adapt to any surface and can be produced with an graphic effect or image in both regular and irregular shapes even with shiny or matted designs, pre-installaed or directly self-adhesive.


PATENTED Material, produced in panels of maximum size 150x300cm and 3mm in thickness this is an innovative coating. Thermoform-able, backlight-able and flexible, it’s available in 4 different finishes: NATURAL, COLOR, METAL and LUXURYRY.


An innovative product with a registered patent that combines the traditional support rolls typical of wallpapers, with the resin components technique of the metal foil processing. Made using the most advanced digital techniques and traditional hand-work, it offers a stunning and unique result for the walls of refined spaces.


System that comprises prints made on a highly resistant support and a kit for the potting and finishing that will protect the prints and make them extremely durable. Excellent for indoor floors but also for application in humid spaces such as bathrooms and showers.


Bracket made with decorative panels in composite material in 2 or 3mm in thickness and up to 150×300 cm in size. An absolute innovation in the wallpaper coating industry given its great versatility in use and resistance of a highly-tecnical and performing material. The choice between 3 different surface finishes (shiny, frosted or walkable matted) makes this a highly versatile material.

Light panel

The magic of backlight, with this material you can create unique atmospheres that are only possible with the power of light. Panels of 3 to 5mm in thickness and up to 150×300 cm in size, highly transparent that allow to obtain excellent luminous effects.


Translucent PVC realised on 2 different brackets for the decoration of transparent surfaces such as windows.


Simple or potted canvases for paintings that suit the rest of the project, provided up to specification on wooden frame.


Create and environments and accessories customisable for the house and beyond on high-quality textiles, to obtain unique results.

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