Condition of sale

  -  Condition of sale


MIGLIORINO is a registered trademark of Kreartivity sas di Migliorino Gianluca & C. For any use of the Migliorino trademark for advertising initiatives or for signs displayed to the public, permission shall be requested from the Company first, and the latter reserves the right to grant or deny authorisation for this.


The Prices indicated in the pricelists are the prices suggested to the public. Any price variation, even if it is not communicated to the Customer, is applied to orders not yet accepted.

ORDERS: acceptance and amendments

MIGLIORINO reserves the right to accept the Customer’s orders within 4 (four) days from their receipt. The Customer may amend the orders within no more than 4 (four) days from the receipt of acceptance from MIGLIORINO. If the variation is received after this term, MIGLIORINO may accept it, charging the costs of the amendments and/or of any goods already produced or in the manufacturing process. We don’t accept cancellations of orders already sent and confirmed unless a prior agreement between the parties. In any case, changes to orders during the “graphic confirmation” phase exceeding 48 hours granted to evaluate and communicate any changes are not accepted.


The delivery terms to be met by MIGLIORINO have an indicative value and are not binding.Goods are delivered carriage free in Italy, except for different written indications of MIGLIORINO, with a contribution as indicated in the price list or as agreed when ordering. Except for deliveries made by MIGLIORINO and for different written indications, the costs and risks related to the delivery of the goods, including insurance costs, are to be charged entirely to the Customer. The products will be protected with a suitable standard packaging; any different packaging will be charged to the Customer. The Customer is required to verify the number of packages and the condition of the packaging before the handover and inform the carrier of any reservations, noting this on the delivery document.


Any reason of whatsoever nature shall not entitle the Customer to cease or postpone the payment of the order, nor to compensate debts and credits towards MIGLIORINO.The partial or total default in payment of any invoice entitles MIGLIORINO to initiate default proceedings against the Customer, who loses the benefit of the term. At the same time, MIGLIORINO shall have the right to suspend any supply, refuse or cancel orders and demand the full payment of the debt, as well as expenses, interests and greater damages.Interests shall automatically accrue on the sums due in accordance with the 09/10/2002 n. 231 Legislative Decree (Official Journal n. 249 dated 23/10/09) in compliance with the 2000/35/CE guidelines. MIGLIORINO reserves the right to interrupt commercial relations in the event of the insolvency of the retailer. The commercial relations are nevertheless understood not to be exclusive and not binding for the parties, with the possibility of interruption subject to prior notice.


All claims for non conformity or for visible defects of the goods must be notified in writing to MIGLIORINO within 8 (eight) days from the receipt of the goods, the Customer’s rights being otherwise forfeited. In the event of non evident defect, the claim shall be submitted within 8 (eight) days from the date in which the defect has been discovered, but not later than 12 (twelve) months after the delivery of the goods, and in any case always with products NOT INSTALLED (referred to coatings). Any returns of goods, previously authorized in writing, must be delivered carriage paid and only goods in perfect condition, unused and properly packaged will be credited. We don’t accept claims and / or returns in the event that the defects are the consequence of the improper use of the products or their unsuitable conservation by the customer (slight variations in shades may be due to unsuitable conservation). THE CUSTOMER, BY SENDING THE ORDER, ACCEPT THE INDICATED TOLERANCES RELATED TO THE MATERIALS REQUIRED. In any case, MIGLIORINO’s responsibility is limited to the value of the faulty items. Therefore, MIGLIORINO shall not be held responsible for the Customer’s expenses or for any other direct or indirect damage claimed. Furthermore, MIGLIORINO will nor respond for any damage (even to third parties) resulting from an improper or different use from the function and destination of the products, or for claims submitted with different modalities and timings from those indicated.


For any dispute regarding the interpretation and execution of sales relations, the exclusive Place of Jurisdiction will be the Law-Court of Trani, while the applicable law is the Italian Law (excluding any recourse to foreign laws).


In case that at the moment of delivery one of these anomalies occurred:- missing goods with respect to what is indicated in the packing list;- different goods from those indicated in the packing list;- damaged packagingit is essential to:- expressly formulate a written reserve on the packing list (both on the shippers’ copy and on the recipient’s). The reserve shall be written in detailwith a specific explanation of what is written in the form; in order to process the claim correctly the generic reserve is not sufficient.In order to submit a claim for a MIGLIORINO product, please send to the following documents:- pictures of the defect claimed (one for each defect); in case the claim refers to a new product (just received and/or delivered), please also sendthe pictures of its packaging.

The above-mentioned documents shall be submitted within 8 (eight) days from the receipt of the goods to: info@migliorinodesign.comIn the total or partial absence of these information, MIGLIORINO will not be able to take the claim into consideration.

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